Empowering the next generation of English Language Learners

In the U.S., millions of English Language Learners (ELL) struggle in school due to a language gap. In Fall 2017, Spanish was the home language of 3.7 million ELL public school students, representing 74.8 percent of all ELL students, and 7.6 percent of all public
K-12 students

We provide support to schools and districts
to help their ELL community
not only learn, but thrive.

Under the protection of Title VI, these Spanish-speaking
students and their parents have a right to receive
information in a language they can understand.

When a school district needs to support learning for Latino students with low-level English proficiency, we prepare Spanish translations of its K-12 curriculum and offer additional expertise as needed.

Consider us your ready resource for translation
of compliance documents and more. We translate, edit,
proofread and provide desktop publishing services,
making The Translation Team your full-service
translation partner.

For your translators on staff, we also offer training and consulting on time-saving, quality-ensuring translation tools to empower them in their jobs—and we can also assist with overflow work.

CAT Tool Training
Translation Workflow Consulting
Quality Assurance Tools

At The Translation Team, we pride ourselves on the breadth of important work we do in American education, empowering ELL students with language support since 2014. The Translation Team is a certified woman- and minority-owned business that works directly with K-12 schools and school districts; we have additionally supported departments of education and federal programs aimed to assist immigrants.

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Count on The Translation Team to provide the level of support your school or school district needs, to bridge gaps and empower this next generation of Spanish-speaking youth with accurate, culturally appropriate translations that help them succeed every step of the way.