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Website Translation Basics for Creative Agencies

If you are an agency type whose clients’ target audiences speak languages other than English, be ready for that conversation…

By May 30, 2023

Prepare IEP reports before translation for productivity gains

Are you using CAT tools in your school district to translate IEPs? Outsourcing file preparation maximizes your productivity and reduces…

By April 9, 2023
Your Knowledge Base: The second brain of your school’s translation department

Your knowledge base: The second brain of your school’s translation department

In this third and final installment of our Managing Your School District’s Translation Department series, we share tips on developing…

By August 21, 2022
An image of a smiling translation manager sitting in front of a computer and the logo of The Translation Team.

Translation Services in Education: Tips for Translation Managers

In the first part of our series, we explained how translation services in education consist of three stages and how…

By June 9, 2022
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Editorial: Let the Game Begin!

It may be the most polarizing series on Netflix, but Squid Game quickly surpassed even Bridgerton—and Lupin. Part 1 (from…

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Editorial: Know Y’all’s Audience

Discovering the nuances of your intended audience is key to crafting messaging and ultimately landing language that truly connects with…

Blog title: Managing your school district's translation department before translation / Author: Joshua Velásquez / Reading time: 10 minutes / Listening time: 18 minutesRead Article

Managing your school district translation department before translation

One of the biggest challenges for small and large school districts with in-house translation teams is how to effectively manage…

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