Your message is our language.
And our purpose.

Translation is our craft
and our passion.

While we employ the latest translation technology to provide our clients faster turnarounds, high consistency and lower cost, our most treasured tool is our human talent. We go beyond just translating. We consider the linguistic and cultural nuances of every phrase to create a culturally relevant message that does more than simply reach your intended audience; it also resonates and drives action.

Micaela Novas – Owner

Our team is comprised of brilliant translators—lovers of language who are professionally trained, each bringing specific subject matter expertise based on years of experience and true passion.

Our primary industries of focus are medical and healthcare, education and marketing (which brings its own set of creative challenges to inspire us). We additionally bring a depth of experience in legal, financial and training, as well as web and app localization.

This pack of wordsmiths—translators, copywriters, editors, proofreaders and terminologists—is paired with our personable, experienced and tech-savvy project leads, ready to make you look brilliant. And we’ll be having fun in the process.

We’re beyond proud to be a certified woman- and minority-owned business, and we’re here to help you succeed by narrowing the language gap between you and your customers, patients or constituents.

But first, we’re eager to meet you and learn
what you do.

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Partnering with organizations like yours is what gets us up each morning.
When you want your content to stand out with Latinos in the U.S.,
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